About Us


Photography & Video Service based in New Jersey but serving the surrounding states
Star Line Photos is one of the top respectable Photography companies in the Tri-state since 1970. Our staff is fully equipped to capture any and every moment and memory in just a Flash. We believe our services will make your enjoyment last beyond just the night of the event. With just one photo or one video we will unlock so many memories in the future for you to share and reminisce. Moments end but memories last forever, our objective is to bring those exciting memories back into existence. We specialize in many different types of photos & events such as:

Products Events
Flip Books Weddings
Photo Booth Birthdays
Photo Montage Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Crystallized Photo Confirmations
Instant Photo Holy Communions
Fantasy Photo Family Photos
Professional Photo Anniversaries
Snow Globes Office Parties
Award Ceremonies


 bokeh_photography_03.jpg  Not only is this photo a work of art it also has a significant meaning toward our company. The picture consists of a photographer handcuffed to his camera; in front of him is a world of multiple bright lights. The handcuff symbolizes our dedication to our service, which is photography. We aim to please all of our events with wonderful photos to give every guest a memory of their event. The light in front of the photographer represents opportunities we have and also opportunities we give to our guest. Photography is much more than just taking a normal picture and printing it out. As seen under our services tab there are many different ways to present a photo. They can come in different forms like in crystals, fantasy, snow globes, flip books, and montages. Other forms are more traditional like instant photos, photo booths, and our professional photo. Whichever service you choose you will know we dedicate our services to please our consumers. We do the job we love to enhance the event you designed.