Instant Photos


What is Instant Photos?

Instant Photos is Star Line’s quickest service to capturing the moment. After taking the photo of you and your guest your picture will be presented to you in just a SNAP! about 10 seconds to be exact. Instant Photos have plenty of advantages such as:

  • Photos are posted online so you can easily access and share with your family and friends.
  •  Thanks to technology you can preview your photo digitally before printing.
  • “Fantasy Photos” can transform your setting in your picture.

How can Instant Photo contributes to my Event?

The popularity of Instant Photos has sky rocketed. In today’s generation everyone wants things NOW and that is exactly what Instant Photos satisfies, the need to have that photo instantly.

Schools & Camps

  • Recreates the traditional school portraits with Instant Photos, now students get to view their photos before receiving them and they will receive their portraits the same day!
  • The excitement of school Proms/Dances can be capture in a photo and taken home so the fun never ends!
  • Also can be used at Sporting events, Fundraisers, Theater productions, etc.
  • Summer camps can also be remembered with Instant Photo.

Private / Corporate Events

  • Beside the typical digital pictures you can take using your mobile device or even camera, Instant Photos gives you a tangible item to take home and be posted around the house or office.