Photo Montage

What is a Photo Montage?

A Photo Montage is exactly what it says. By definition a montage is a work of art that is made up of several different kinds of things. With our photo montage it is compiled of multiple photos, music, and dazzling effects. A photo montage can be compared to a slideshow combined with a storybook.

How do you create a Photo Montage?

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Music selection – You can personally choose your song you want to use or we can give you a few suggestions.
  2. Photos – The photos you selected to be in the montage will have to be sent to us in high-resolution either by CD or DVD. Also you can share them with us using Flickr or mail them to us to be scanned into the system.
  3. Creation – One of our finest professional photo and video editor will combine all three stage together to create your montage. The music will be adjusted to fit the duration of your photos and effects will also be added to jazz it up.